Next Gen Access Control

Our plug and play access controllers and readers let Amazon Cloud servers directly manage your security from anywhere. They use next generation technology to bring you unparalleled security, reliability and affordability. 

They are the only products on the market that are truly wireless and fully cloud based, with advanced keycard options.

Secure & reliable

SmartEasyLock devices let Amazon Cloud servers directly handle all critical information and functions thru secure wireless communications.

Affordable & Fast

Wireless connection directly to Amazon managed servers means that no cables from the controller to doors. Huge savings in new access control.

Smart & Powerful

Our next generation design accomodates both smart phone and key card users with ease. You will find all functionalities in our products.

Our Advantages

Top six reasons why people choose our system:

  1. Unlocking with Bluetooth reliably and securely
  2. Easy issuing of electronic card and key fobs
  3. No network wiring needed, if no Wifi available we will provide 4G.
  4. Lowest cost in installation and least ongoing expense
  5. Easiest to retrofit existing access control system
  6. Concealed design and numerous features fit for any access control situations

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